Four friends show off their catch of the day on the fishing boat

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  • Level 1
  • ecobee branded hat
  • ecobee ball cap
  • 2 registered thermostats
  • 2 Points
  • Level 2
  • ecobee branded multi tool
  • ecobee multi tool
  • 5 registered thermostats
  • 5 Points
  • Level 3
  • ecobee smart thermostat
  • ecobee Smart Si or $100 VISA gift card
  • 10 registered thermostats
  • 10 Points
  • Level 4
  • 32GB Nexus Tablet or $250 VISA gift card
  • 32GB Nexus Tablet or $250 VISA gift card
  • 20 registered thermostats
  • 20 Points
  • Level 5
  • 32 GB iPad Mini (WiFi) 0r $500 VISA gift card
  • 32 GB iPad Mini (WiFi) 0r $500 VISA gift card
  • 30 registered thermostats
  • 30 Points
*Sell 2 thermostats and we will send you an ecobee ball cap. Sell more than 2 thermostats between April-July 2013, and qualify for one of these great prizes above!

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